Hi thanks for visiting my page. I picked up my first camera about 10 years ago and over the years I gradually been building up following on Facebook. I have never taken my self seriously doing photography it has been purely a hobby. I live in a small village just outside of penicuik called Temple, it’s a stunning place with no shops but friendly community. Edinburgh is my birth place and yes it is still very beautiful but way to busy and expensive for my liking. Once I left school I did what every young person growing up in the 70s did Leave home get a job in a steel producing factory. Sadly this industry is long gone along with all the good jobs. I meet my wife Lynn on a bus over 30 years ago and I have two kids Jemma and Gary,they have long left the roost and seem happy enough. We are now grandparents and love to see them as often as possible. Both me and Lynn are also foster parents,we have a beautiful daughter that will stay with us till she is ready to live her own life. My photos as you will see range from panoramics to pets just what ever catches my eye at the time. Very often when I don’t have my canon I use my phone,today’s phones take superb shots and editing can range from Photoshop to phone filters or nothing depends on how I want the feel of the image to end up. Have a look around this page there might be something you like.

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